Shawls and Eastern Scarves are an enduring legacy of the Arabian and south Asian culture. Its timeless aura and magical charm have enhanced the fragile and feminine aspect of eastern woman down the ages.

At Al Jaber Gallery, we transcend those very special qualities to the vast range of pashminas and scarves we provide as well as the most fascinating range of traditional wear which encompass matchless beauty and classic elegance.
  Al Jaber Gallery is proud to offer a wide selection of traditional kaftans, tunics, and kurtas in exquisite materials, such as georgette and chiffon, spanning an array of beautiful designs and enchanting colours. Our collection contains unique hand-embroidered jalabiyas, sparking with crystal embellishments, as well as a variety of digitally printed pieces.

To accentuate our range of apparel, we offer an extensive assortment of accessories such as bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and even purses. Each accessory is hand selected for its exceptional quality and is perfectly suited to highlight our traditional collection.
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